Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peanut Butter Cups with a CRUNCH!

Peanut butter and chocolate, there is no better combo. I've done a couple other posts in the past with the two, but this may just be my new favorite. Last weekend, I whipped up a quick and easy batch of these mouth-watering treats and I'm ashamed to say I only have 3 of 12 left :) They really are so simple to make and your taste buds will thank you! The secret ingredient that makes them even better than a normal peanut butter cup, is the crushed graham cracker mixed in to give a nice crunchy texture. I added sea salt to half the batch and I think I like the salty ones the best. Try them out for your next event, they will go quicker than you can blink!

No words, just yum.

To get your sugar rush on, click here.

XOXO Allie

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almond Sugar Cookies- AKA 'Cloud Cookies'

Wow, I totally suck at updating recently! Summer really does make things crazy for us so I haven't had much time to catch up!!
A few weeks ago, John and a bunch of his friends did a "man trip" to Gunnison, CO. A day before, I had tried a new recipe for almond sugar cookies and sent half the box with John so I wouldn't eat them while he was gone :) I ended up getting a couple text messages, while on their way, letting me know that these were like 'eating a cloud.' It cracked me up! So now, instead of a boring sugar cookie, these are the oh so yummy 'Cloud Cookies.' They are so soft and literally melt in your mouth. The texture tends to remind me a little bit of a ginger snap cookie, but I love these 100x more! I baked some a little longer than others to crisp a few of them up, since I like them a little more crunchy. They are super yummy and definitely a recipe I will be making again soon! Highly recommend it!

Yum!!!!! So fluffy and soft!
ps: pay no attention to my unpainted nail :)

For the recipe, click here .

XOXO Allie

Friday, June 29, 2012

That's crafty!

Summer is by far the best time of the year, minus all the fires we are having in here in Colorado. It's our favorite time where we can sit out on our front porch and enjoy our awesome mountain view while obviously sipping on adult beverages ;)
This year, for some reason I've been a little behind in getting my flowers and outdoor decorating coordinated, which I guess has been a good thing considering the huge hail storm we got a couple weeks ago. I always love the added color and character that flowers and accessories give our house this time of year. When we bought our patio set, I knew I wanted to incorporate some fun pillows and pots, but I wasn't exactly sure what to do for my front door.  With Christmas gone, my door has been naked and needing some love. I saw a fun idea on Pinterest a few weeks back and decided to make a 'Lettered Wreath.' With all my paint supplies from college, I knew it would be something quick and cheap I could do to spruce it up. I made a quick trip to Micheal's and picked up some ribbon and a 'W' wood initial which only cost me a total of $9 :)
I love chevron so I started taping the pattern onto the front of my letter. Using colors I have in my outdoor pillows, I started to paint away! The whole thing took me close to 2 hours to complete, with drying time involved. I love how it turned out and it definitely adds a lot to our door. Now, if I could just get it together with the flowers!!!

My fun pillows which were my inspiration for my door :) 

 Tape is ready to be peeled

How fun is that?! I love the bronze metallic paint to give it some shimmer :)

Add some snazzzyy ribbon and you got yourself a front door masterpiece!

XOXO Allie

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dessert Nachos :)

While on Pinterest the other day, I came across a recipe that reminded me of one of our family friend's Mexican restaurants here in town. On The Brewery Bar's menu, they have what is called 'Dessert Nachos.' This is one of my all-time guilty pleasure desserts mainly because it combines all the sweets that I love! Looking at the recipe got me drooling and CRAVING these nachos instantly. Basically, they are cut up fried tortillas topped with anything that is unhealthy for you :) I get them every time we's a must!!
Instead of frying, I cut my tortilla into individual chips and covered them with melted butter. From there, added a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and baked them for about 12 minutes. Once they're out of the oven I like to put my toppings on right away. Ice Cream is always a given, that way it gets melty and yummy :) Then from there I topped it off with chocolate syrup, strawberries and whipped cream. I've also had them with caramel sauce which is tasty as well. Next time, I want to try ice cream, sliced bananas, and caramel sauce :) You have to try these, I promise you'll love 'em!

Look at all that whipped cream!

Hello, lover!

Yes, I am guilty for licking my fingers with this won't want to waste any of it!

For more of a 'home made' recipe, click here

XOXO Allie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did someone say chocolate??

See, I told you I would write my next post about sweets.  It's actually getting really dangerous in our house with so many naughty treats sitting around saying, 'eat me!!' And when it's chocolate.....I can't resist. WARNING: These are completely terrible for you, but your chocolate craving will definitely thank me :)
This recipe came from Pinterest, but I remember my Mom making these growing up.  Biting into the first one,  totally brought me back to my childhood. I would eat these like no one's business.  Funny how food can remind you of good times in your life :)  My favorite part about these brownies are the hidden chocolate chunks.....BONUS!!! I know John likes brownies fresh out of the oven ooey and gooey, but these are definitely best the next day. That way the chocolate chips harden a little bit, but that's just my preference. Be careful though, these are dangerously addicting!!!!


 Almost ready to be cut.

Look at all the hidden chunks!!!!!


XOXO Allie

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some like it HOT!!!

Hold the phone...You're probably shocked by the fact that this post does not contain 1) Chocolate 2) Sugar and 3) Enough butter to last you for a year.  Figured, I should take a break and write about something other than sweet treats.....and by break, I mean only this post :)

When it comes to Mexican food, I could realistically eat it every other day. No joke. So, when I saw a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas, I about fell out of my seat! How the FRICK did I not think of this before???!! I LOVE buffalo sauce and I LOVE chicken enchiladas so this has to be the most INGENIOUS combo anyone has ever come up with! Normally, I make just the usual chicken enchiladas which are great, but people.....these are freaking DELISH. It's a great twist on the typical Mexican and John and my parents loved them!! Make sure to use 'Frank's Buffalo Sauce,' it's by far the best when it comes to anything buffalo. The recipe also called for Gorgonzola Cheese to top the enchiladas with. I ate it and it was great, but if you want something not as strong opt for Feta. These will definitely be made again soon in the Witt house!

Before the madness begins!

The Cilantro and Green Onions added tons of flavor!!


For the recipe, click here.

XOXO Allie

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh Carmelitas.....

All I gotta say is, whoa.....these are beyond yummy.  Someone, please slap me back to reality!! If you thought the Twix Bars were good, these are just plain sinful :) They are also a great treat for your Memorial Day BBQ if you need a good idea. There's not much else to say....I'll let the photos do the talking :)
Your life just got 100X better.
Straight out of the oven. I was "supposed" to let them cool, but I like to live on the edge and break the rules.
 Totally oooeeey and gooooeeyyy.....

.5 seconds later, operation destroy Carmelita accomplished.
 The prettier, cooled version :)
Did I mention, I may or may not have doubled the chocolate portion?? Woops...

Wipe the drool, and click on this link for the recipe :)

XOXO Allie